7 cringe-worthy walk of shame moments every parent will relate to

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Perhaps you have your bronze medallion in the parenting walk of shame already? We asked Babyology readers about their most cringe-worthy parenting moments out there in the wild world.

They proved their proficiency in navigating embarrassing kid-sparked experiences when thrown in the deep end, pretty perfectly!

Here are a few of our favourite world beating kid cock-ups. These mums deserve an award for enduring these face-palm-inducing moments and living to tell the tale.

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parenting walk of shame


1. The book thief

Emma’s son landed her in some actual serious hot water with his light-fingered ways:

“Omg! My son put a book under the pram in The Reject Shop, as I walked out the young lady who was security came out and asked me to come back in the shop, after explaining my son’s apology she proceeded to tell me she would have no bar of it. I laughed, offered the $3 and walked out. She followed me to my car, was so embarrassing. She rang the police. The police came, they walked me to their divvy and took me to the station. I was there for 20 minutes and the Sgt. officer had to see me. I was asked if I was okay, I wasn’t. My 3 children had to be looked after, I was 8 MONTHS pregnant and riding around in a divvy van. Couldn’t believe it! Over a $3 book. I ended up going to court of course, the judge laughed it out of court! What an experience!”  – Emma

2. When you gotta go…

Tammy shared her own family-famous moment of poop: 

“I am the reason why display toilets have a clear plastic cover under the seat. When I was two, I ran away from my parents in McEwans Hardware and they found me evacuating my bowels on a display toilet with a teenage store attendant standing next to me begging me to ‘Stop! It’s not a real toilet!'”  – Tammy

3. The very hungry rat-erpillar

Rhiannon shared her child’s Easter experience, with palpable overtones of complete horror:

“My almost 3 yo (then) son ran away from us at the shops. Straight to the wall of boxed Easter bunnies outside of Kmart. He proceeded to stick his head in the box through the gap, rip off the foil and started gnawing at the chocolate like a rat. Couldn’t get away fast enough!!!!” – Rhiannon

4. The body shamer

Sandy’s daughter was excited about where babies come from:

“I was using a dressing room with my young daughter when she announced after looking at my half naked body in a loud voice that my belly was fat and I must be having a baby, the more I quietly told her I wasn’t pregnant the louder she insisted my belly was big. After hearing the giggles of the other customers in the other change rooms I quickly got dressed and with my head down left as fast as I could.”  – Sandy

5. The wild thing

Nicolette’s baby was overcome with a primal urge:

“Nappy fail while on a wild life experience with elephants. Walking around an open enclosure with about 15 elephants, carrying my two year old on my shoulders when I felt sudden warm sensation down my neck and back… Baby was sorted, but who packs there OWN clothing change in a nappy bag?! And because we were essentially stuck in the middle of nowhere, I had to walk around in my reeking shirt for the next hour…..mmmm good thing I no longer have any pride.” – Nicolette

6. The “fries with that”

Yvonne’s son knew all about sharing:

“My son helped himself to some kid’s fries when I entered the playground at Hungry Jacks. He was right beside me, unfortunately my sleep deprived reflexes were a bit slow. Poor kid didn’t know what to do! I offered to buy more fries but Mum laughed and said it was fine.” – Yvonne

7. The sneaky withdrawal bandit

Karin learnt the hard way about in-app purchases:

“I was at the grocery store with my 3 year old with a full cart of groceries and when I went to pay my card declined even though I knew I had money in the account. So, as I walk out of the store embarrassed and I get to to car I call the bank and it turns out while my 3 year old was playing games on her tablet she had charged $300 on the credit card with accessories for the game and had overdrawn the checking account!” – Karin


Have you endured any heart-dropping, horror moments like these?

Share them with us on Facebook – because a shame shared is a shame halved (isn’t that how the saying goes?!)


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