I have three boys, and no, I’m NOT trying for a girl

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I have my own little band of brothers – three to be exact! – and I couldn’t be happier. No, I’m not going to try for the girl (I never did in the first place), because having all boys is awesome and here are five reasons why.

1. It’s a whole new ball of wax

For me anyhow! I’m one of three girls myself so living in boy town is new, exciting and completely different from what I grew up with (interestingly both of my sisters have had only boys as well – something in the water perhaps?). When I was younger I wished I’d had a brother, just to know what it would be like; with all the boy sports, their way of thinking and other general things that seemed so foreign to me. I also went to a girl-only school and had no male cousins family friends, so until I was in late high school and had guy friends, everything to do with boys was a bit of a mystery. Now I have mini men of my own I’m immersed in everything they do, and watching the differences between how little boys interact and behave compared to girls is fascinating – I love it!

2. The toys are cooler

Barbies and tea parties? Been there, done that! I get to spend hours creating Lego masterpieces, driving remote control cars, lining up toy soldiers, pretending to be a ninja and playing superheroes. Of course there is a lot of gender crossover now for toys, but generally speaking, ones aimed at boys seem to be a lot more hands on and challenging than stuff for girls. Usually they require some form of construction, physical coordination or figuring something out. So when I play with my sons I often feel like a child again myself as I get to discover and play with a whole bunch of different stuff that never came near my house growing up!

3. The brother bond is beautiful

The bond between any siblings is magical but I think there’s something extra special that goes on when they’re all the same sex. I feel that boys tend to have a natural protector instinct too, and I see this all the time with my three. Yes, they fight like crazy (are there any siblings who don’t?) but they’re also highly protective of one another and proud to have their brothers even though they’re quite different personalities. In particular, the older two are so sweet with their youngest baby brother, and already I can see that he adores them beyond belief and will be idolising everything they do (not sure this is actually a good thing!).

4. They can share friends, clothes and sports

My first two boys are close in age and have a lot of mutual friends between them, which I’m sure is only going to increase as they get older. I think it’s great when children aren’t confined socially to their immediate peers at daycare or school, it makes it easy for parties too and I’m sure the experience will come in handy later in life as they learn to interact with more people of different ages. The ability to share clothes is of course another huge bonus for any same sex siblings, and I’m starting to see how having all boys will be so much easier when it comes to extra curricular activities, especially sports. My eldest two have already done rugby, swimming and martial arts together which not only saves me time, but is nice that they can do something physical together where they also have each other’s support if needed.

5. The future looks pretty sweet

My kids are still quite little so both myself and my husband are required most of the time, however I am already starting to see situations where I get to have girlie time-out while Daddy and the boys hang out. I can already picture many weekend scenarios where they’re all out surfing or playing footy while I’m getting my nails done. I’m also going to have three extra bodyguards and handymen at my disposal when I get older to open jars, lift heavy bags, change light bulbs and look out for me which is a nice thought. Let’s just hope they don’t start a gang or anything like that!





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