5 ‘looks’ that only mums of toddlers will understand

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When you become a mum, not only does your world change beyond comprehension, so to do your feelings and emotions. There’s love like you’ve never known before, there’s a need for tolerance and patience by the bucket load and there’s a whole heap of new ‘looks’ that you acquire, all of which other mums understand. 

Here are just a few:

1. The ‘I’m as tired as the walking dead’ look

This look is one that mums – particularly new ones – regularly wear (accompanied by yesterday’s clothes encrusted with unidentifiable residues). A combination of sleepless nights, toddler negotiation and lack of time for any kind of grooming all contribute to this look.

Fellow mums recognise this look with the eyes hanging out of the head, the slightly deathly colour of the skin and the inability to concentrate without the support of caffeine based products.

Toddler running

2. The ‘I’m being tested’ look

As we know, you often need the patience of a saint when dealing with toddlers, especially during tantrums, during walks that are really slooooow (when you’re in a rush) and when they decide that they no longer like sandwiches cut into the squares.

Fellow mums recognise this look by the grinding of the teeth, the eye rolling and deep breaths and the ever-increasing volume of the ‘come on sweetie, stop being silly’.

3. The ‘if you don’t do as you’re told’ look 

Toddlers have amazingly selective hearing, particularly when it comes to being told what they can’t do. Tell them they can’t touch something, and they will. Tell them that they need to hurry up and they’ll drag their feet even more. Tell them you’re leaving without them and they’ll wave you goodbye. They push our buttons as well as boundaries.

Fellow mums recognise this look by the grimacing facial expressions, the bulging eyes, the raised disapproving eyebrows and the pointing waggling finger. 

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4. The ‘I know that you’re judging me’ look 

There’s nothing worse than being out in public and your toddler suddenly deciding to audition for a part in Days of our lives. Rolling around the floor, shouting, screaming or demanding something repeatedly at a volume capable of waking the dead is embarrassing at best. What’s worse is when you feel judged by others.

Fellow mums recognise this look by forced smiles at passers-by, a calm voice to the child (in the hope of appearing totally in control of the situation) and a comment such as ‘you’re very tired aren’t you’ to justify their behaviour.

5. The ‘I’m so in love’ look 

Becoming a mum is, without a doubt, one of THE most challenging things in life. But through the everyday challenges, your love for your little one knows no bounds. The miracle of their existence still blows your mind and your heart melts at least ten times a day!

Fellow mums recognise this look by the dreamy gazing eyes, the drunken-like state of constant joy and the persistent kissing of those chubby cheeks, fingers and toes. 


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