30 dumb things we’ve all done when sleep deprived

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Parenting is exhausting. In fact, if you’re not tired, you’re not doing it right. And thus forgetfulness becomes part of the norm when you are living off minimal sleep.

Here’s our checklist of all the things that parents have most likely done during their state of sleep deprivation:

1. Put cat food in your child’s sandwich rather than tuna.

2. Spent ages looking for your phone and/or keys only to discover that you were holding them the entire time.

3. Used nappy cream on your face instead of moisturiser.

4. Called your child by the dog’s name.

5. Discovered your phone is in the fridge next to the milk.

6. Gone to work carrying your child’s bag rather than your own.

7. Used air freshener instead of perfume.

8. Added breast milk to your coffee.

9. Left the house with your t-shirt on inside out.

10. Fallen asleep on the toilet.

11. Walked away from the ATM without taking your cash.

12. Stood in line at the grocery store rocking back and forth to quiet the baby – only to realise that the baby is at home.

13. Used salt instead of sugar.

14. Turned up to an appointment a day early.

15. Worn two shoes that didn’t match.

16. Stepped into the shower with an item of clothing still on.

17. Left the house in your slippers.

Exhausted parents with a new baby

18. Cracked an egg into the rubbish and put the shells in the frying pan.

19. Lost your car in the car park.

20. Walked into a store without a clue why you were there in the first place.

21. Left paid-for groceries at the supermarket.

22. Dropped your child off at school on a pupil-free day.

23. Eaten baby food for breakfast.

24. Boiled the kettle 15 times without having successfully made one cup of tea.

25. Used a dirty wash cloth, that you only just recently used to wipe up wee from the floor, to clean your face.

26. Left the house with your nursing bra still unattached.

27. Driven more than three blocks with your coffee mug on the top of your car.

28. Washed the clothes more than three times in one week because you keep forgetting to put them in the dryer or hang them up.

29. Put mascara on one eye, but not the other.

30. Poured coffee on your cereal.

While sleep deprivation comes with the parenting territory, it can be hard on the whole family. A baby who isn’t sleeping well is usually a cranky one. And usually, when baby doesn’t sleep, no one in the household sleeps.

A well-rested baby makes for a happy baby. And a well-rested mummy makes for a much calmer morning that isn’t fuelled by breastmilk coffee.

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