17 real-life confessions from parents who always run late

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Rule number #20,000,000 of parenting: getting where you need to be, at the time you need to be there with small children is near impossible. 

For example, when leaving the house the other day, my hardware obsessed younger son (2.5) refused to leave until we found his drill. No, not the drill that was in the toy box. And no, not the broken drill that was behind the living room couch. And not the drill in the back of the kitchen cupboard, either. 

No, none of those drills (all purchased to avoid exactly this scenario BTW).

The drill he wanted was the drill that someone had tossed into the boot of the car. A fact that only revealed itself once we had actually made it to the car, after much wrangling and eventual bribery. Albeit it 45 minutes later than the agreed time.


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I take comfort in not feeling alone on this one.

When I asked some friends for recent experiences, one said:

“The dress our 3-year-old chose is too short. The next one is too hot. The next one is just right. Infuriatingly, she can’t tell if she’s happy until the dress in on. She’s like Goldilocks.”

Another said:

“I had a twenty-minute argument with our daughter this morning because she only wanted to eat the girl yoghurt, not the boy yoghurt?”

Double sigh.

Here are some other classic scenarios:

1. You left your keys inside the house.

2. Your toddler could only wear his Spiderman costume.

3. Your toddler’s Spider-Man costume was in the wash (and had to be dried by hand with your hair dryer)

4. Poonami.

5. “We” had to bring blanky. Blanky was nowhere to be found. For 20 minutes.

6. The washing machine overflowed.

7. You got everyone in the car and were down the driveway before you realised your phone was inside.

8. You were busy looking for your phone for 10 minutes. Then you realised you were talking on it.

9. You ran out of nappies and wipes. Everyone needed to do a poo before you left the house. 

10. You strapped the baby into their car seat. And that’s when you realised she wasn’t wearing anything but her nappy and singlet.

11. You left the baby bag in the hallway. And only realised when everyone was already IN the car. 

12. You left the school bag in the hallway.

13. You left all the picnic food in the fridge and only packed the basket.

14. It started raining as soon as you left the house with everyone in sandals and thongs and t-shirts.

15. You ‘forgot’ it was a school day.

16. The Rice Bubbles were tipped out onto the kitchen floor and our three-year-old absolutely HAD to help clean them up.

17. Somebody didn’t do the lid up on their drink bottle.*

*That person may or may not have been me.

Now over to you … confess your most ridiculous reason for being late.



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