13 unexpected perks of parenthood

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Ah, kids. We love you for your kisses and hugs, we love you for your little quirks. And we love you for your accidental fringe benefits. These are the perks of parenthood that you don’t know until you’re knee-deep in kids.

When you’re starving you can always find a kiddie snack in your bag

Damn straight I’m gonna eat this teeny pack of Tiny Teddies in 10 seconds flat.

Your blame game is on point

Heck no I didn’t let one go, that horrifying stench is most certainly coming from my child.


You get to be a big kid

Of course this awesome drone I just bought is for the kids. It’s ‘educational’.

The concept of time no longer exists

Yes I’m late, I have children. What’s your excuse?

It’s perfectly acceptable to go to the movies for kids’ releases

Oh, Disney – you do spin a good yarn.

Happy loving family. mother and child girl playing, kissing and hugging

No matter how bad you look (when was the last time I washed my hair/jeans/face?), the kids will think you’ve just stepped off the runway.

Embrace this lack of judgment. It won’t last.

It’s ok to suck at drawing/kicking a footy/singing

To your kids, you’re a god.

Your patience is honed to perfection

The antics of the Most Annoying Employee at work pale in comparison.

You always get VIP access to any public toilet

“Move aside, he can’t hold on!”

You always have a helping hand

Yes, they won’t leave you alone in the loo – but they can also fetch you a new roll of toilet paper when you’re stranded.

Christmas becomes magical again

Except that Elf on the Shelf character. There’s nothing magical about that creepy little guy.

theme parks cover

Theme parks are fair game

And you’re tall enough for every ride – bonus!

toddler laughing highchair sl fb

Your bad jokes will always get a laugh

When your audience thinks poo and bums are hilarious, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Thank you for being you, kids. We wouldn’t have parenthood any other way.


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