10 reasons we are more than ready to welcome spring

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Dear winter – time to go. You are no longer welcome in our homes.

If you’re well and truly over the cold wet weather that comes with winter, then have a read of our ode to spring post. We’re hoping if we praise springtime enough, it may just stick around.

Feeling our pain? Then you probably understand these 10 reasons why it’s time for winter to vacate the premises. Immediately.

The struggle is real.

My skin is starting to look translucent.

Sun tanning is off the tables but that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t miss the slight touch of the sun. The pasty veiny leg look isn’t working for me any more.

I think I forgot how to swim.

It’s been so long since I’ve done it. Time for winter to disappear so I can return to the lakes, creeks, pools and oceans.

I’m running out of excuses why my kids can’t wear their thongs outside.

Plus, they have found the hiding spot where I keep the summer gear. And the swimmers have made an appearance on their bodies three times this week already.

I miss the sunrise.

Remember that thing that comes up in the early morning to help ease you into the day? No, me neither. But I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

Peggy Girl in Meadow

My baby’s spring wardrobe is looking cuter (and smaller) by the day.

It’s time to put away the jumpers and beanies and bring out the adorable dresses, tights, rompers and baby boardies, before we lose another O from the size chart.

The indoor play centre down the road knows my shoe size.

This may be a sign we need to venture back to the outdoor parks and playgrounds in the area.

So does the Bottle-O.

It’s cold. Red wine warms you up. Fact.

The most colourful part of my backyard is the row of towels hanging on the line (which are wet and covered in frost).

Flowers. Please return to my garden. I feel like I’m living in Pleasantville over here.

My dog hates me.

I’m sorry, but it’s cold and wet out there. And I really despise the smell of wet dog. So, until it warms up, walks are few and far between.


And, finally, I cannot handle another freezing cold two weeks of school holidays.

Which means you have exactly three weeks to dissolve, Winter. Because this mum is all out of indoor activities, crafts and glitter. Bring on zoo trips and baby animals!

Do you feel like winter has dragged on long enough? If so, make sure you check out our post on why winter is anything but wondrous for even more reasons why we’re ready to move on to spring.


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