10 reasons to love parenting in winter

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We all have a favourite season. Some parents like winter. Some hate it. And others, like myself, absolutely adore it! Coming from a freezing cold country where winter involves dressing in 18 layers of clothing, expecting darkness at 4pm and walking around with wet feet pretty much 24/7, it’s quite refreshing to enjoy the slightly colder (but not unbearable) Aussie winter.

So what makes parenting in winter so sublime? Here’s a few of our favourite things.

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It gets dark earlier… and thus we can trick the kids to go to bed earlier too.

Once the sun goes down, so do the kids. The end.

And, you may even notice that the kids tend to sleep in longer during winter. But don’t quote us on that one!

Onesies, slippers and other fuzzy goodness come out of hiding.

Onesies may not look too attractive on adults, but they certainly look sweet on children! And anyone in the household can rock a warm fuzzy slippers. Check out the round-up on our very favourite warm and fussy onesies for little ones.

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We get to experience the magic that is snow.

Glorious, glorious snow holidays! Whether you are heading to Thredbo, the Snowy Mountains or Cradle Mountain, snow has got to be one of the coolest (pun intended) substances to play in. Kids love it. Parents love it. And it makes a great canvas for fun, from sledding to skiing, from building snowmen to simply making snow angels.

Warm beverages seem to taste better.

Drinking hot tea on a hot afternoon just doesn’t seem right. But during the winter, nothing beats a warm cuppa on the patio in the late afternoon. As long as you get to drink it hot, but that’s another whole parenting story…


Kids movies (that adults love just as much) arrive on the big screen.

Some of the best kids’ TV shows of the year are coming up during the winter months including Finding Dory, Ice Age 5, The BFG and The Secret Life of Pets.

Plus, there are a few adult-only TV series and movies that make the coming of winter so much more exciting including Babyology’s favourite Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black and Bad Moms.

Less skin showing means less work.

Leg hair can grow (it’s part of your winter coat), toenails don’t have to be painted (who is going to see them under socks and boots anyway) and skin doesn’t have to be sunkissed (no one is going to realise just how white your body is underneath the jeans and jackets).

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Snuggling doesn’t involve sweating.

As a parent, warm little bodies snuggled up next to you during the cooler months has got to be one of the best feelings. And, unlike during summer, a cuddle session doesn’t end with sweat.

 You have the best excuse to buy baby beanies.

Not to mention jumpers, socks, scarves and booties – items that mums who have summer babies usually will buy but never get to bring out of the closet (unless you put the air con on full blast).

Hot baths are actually enjoyable.

And nothing beats curling up in a warm blanket or towel after sliding out of the bath with your wee ones. Here are a few of the cutest warm and cosy dressing gowns for kiddies for after-bath time.

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And, finally, you get to shop for super adorable and warm bed linen.

Because a snuggly and comfortable child is one that will stay asleep, in her own bed, the entire night! Here’s hoping anyway!

What do you love about parenting in winter? Check out some of the reasons why we adore parenting in spring as well. And, if winter brings out the blues in you, then you may prefer our post on why winter is anything but wondrous.


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