Dad’s genius parenting hack means you never have to get a cup of water again

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It’s an idea so simple and yet so genius, you’re going to wish you thought of it yourself.

Meet MPG Tuning, a father on a mission. 

Best £2.50 I’ve spent I was fed up of my son calling down demanding drinks when he's playing on his playstation… #LifeHack ?

Posted by MPG Tuning on Monday, 25 March 2019

Sick to death of running up and down the stairs to get his son a drink, MPG Tuning took matters into his own hands and created THIS.

And no, it’s not an IV drip, but it works the same, in theory. 

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It’s an upside-down water bottle fitted with a long straw for sipping liquid out of, completely eradicating the need for you to get up from what you’re doing and grab a drink for anyone. 

Genius, right? And the best part is, it only set him back £2.50 (AUD$4.50).

Since posting, the #lifehack has been shared over 100 times with many parents finding it hilarious. They were also very keen to give it a go. 

“Going to get one this week,” one parent wrote.

Another considered swapping the water out for juice. 

“Can I do this and fill it with apple juice for Boo?” they asked, tagging a spouse. 

While MPG says he came up with this idea after being fed up with his son demanding water while he was playing the PlayStation, we can see this working just as well for those kids who just love calling out for drinks, snacks, a particular pillow or someone to take them to the toilet. Long after they’re supposed to be asleep, of course. Damn them!

And as every parent will know, there’s nothing thirstier than a child who’s just been told it’s time for bed. Well, thanks to MPG Tuning we may never have to worry about this again. 

Great work, dad.

Parents unite. 


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