To all the preschool besties losing their friends to big school, know this …

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Dear my son’s preschool bestie,

You are a gorgeous little boy. Thank you for being such a sweet and fun friend to my son.

He has loved going to daycare, because of YOU.

I know you are feeling a little sad right now though, because your best bud, my big boy, is going to school soon. Your days of collecting cicada shells together at preschool are coming to an end.

And I am also sad about that. 

But there are a few things I want you to know.

You are a great friend

The reason my son has gotten dressed enthusiastically (he doesn’t on the days he’s not seeing you) on preschool mornings is because he’s been excited to see you. You make his days at preschool fun and exciting. He loves pretending to be pirates with you, sitting next to you to eat lunch and chasing you around the playground like an excited puppy. 

You guys are two peas in a pod. He is your favourite and you are his.

But what I am trying to tell you, is that you know how to be a good friend. You know how to make a bestie. How to make them smile, laugh and want to play with you – and mainly you!

You can and will make new friends

Now you need to spread your friendship wings. See who else is out there. And you know what?! There are many, many more buddies to enjoy at preschool.

The other thing is, having lots of different friends is also really great. Like if a friend is sick or on holidays, you have lots of other buddies to play with! Having more friends is more fun.

But I know that sometimes you just need to spend a little time with a friend to make them your favourite. Growing friendships is like growing plants. You need to give them time to sprout and flower. But if you keep watering them and tending to them, they will.

And I get that having to do that feels a bit weird when you haven’t had to before, because you’ve always had your bestie by your side. 

But I know you can do this. Give it a try. Sometimes we just have to give things a go.

You could:

Say hello to a new friend. Show her a cool toy and ask her to play with it with you. Or you could even ask her if she like cicadas and pirates too.

You will make a new friend soon, I promise. 

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But you haven’t lost your bestie!

Also, I don’t want you to fret right now. You haven’t lost your kindy bestie. Yes, you won’t see him anymore at preschool, but I promise you will still see him.

I want you to come over for play dates (and look for cicadas at our house!), and we can always meet at the park after school.

Your mummy and I will keep you guys in touch. We love how much you love each other.

You are now the king of the preschool castle

When you say bye bye to all the big kids headed off to school, and you may have already, you have now been promoted. Did you know that because you are one of the oldest kids now at preschool that you are a leader?

It’s true!

The little kids in the other rooms will look up to you. They will need you to show them the way – where to hang their hats and how to line up.

You are a big fish in a small pond and soon, like your bestie, you will be a small fish in a big pond when school rolls around for you.

But until then, enjoy being the big kid at preschool and making new friends. 

Your bestie, who yes, has gone to big school, will still love to play with you, because you are a fun friend.

We love you.

Love your bestie and his mum.


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