Some nannies now give parents massages and blow-drys … so are you in?!

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In this age of social media, it feels like everything has to level-up and be super extra. So it comes as no surprise that some mums and dads now want their nannies to look after their babies … and the adults in the family too!


No longer is simply tending to a small child’s very demanding needs enough for these exacting types. They expect even more from the professionals who look after their children, seeking add-ons like dressmaking, manicures, yoga lessons, facials, hair styling … and late night massages!

And if you think the idea of the nanny giving the baby daddy a bit of a rubdown seems a little bit far-fetched, then meet Jeff.

“Twice a week, at around 11pm, Jeff Goldstein stretches out, turns on his spa playlist, lights a candle and gets a 90-minute massage — courtesy of his children’s nanny,” The New York Post reports.

“At first, (I felt) a little awkward,” dad-of-two and boutique owner Jeff admitted. “But then, it was so, so good.” #OhJeff

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“The kids are asleep, it’s massage time”

Jeff only found out about his nanny’s skills after he had hired her, but boy was he freaking bloody stoked.

“After dinner’s done and the kids are asleep, it’s massage time,” he said (possibly triumphantly). #WakeUpJeff

Limor Weinstein owns a Manhattan nanny consulting business, and she says specked-up nannies are becoming increasingly popular in New York. Parents are keen to get a little extra TLC and they’re happy to pay extra for the perks.

For instance, Limor explained that when the kids are at school, one of her nannies travels to their father’s office to lead a half-hour yoga session. #WhoDaThunkIt?

Woman massaging man

Fringe benefits

Of course, it’s not just dads benefiting from these super nannies, mums were stoked to be getting some extra help, albeit in a less rubby or bendy way.

“[The nanny] turned my Lily Pulitzer skirt into a dress for my daughter, made her a Disney-themed birthday outfit and even made her — and her best friend — kindergarten graduation dresses,” one mum gushed, not keen to give her name, lest her nanny of five years be stolen away.

Seth Norman Greenberg is Vice President of NY domestic staffing company, the Pavillion Agency and says the well-to-do come at the nanny hiring thing from a different perspective.

“Wealthy families have a certain way of looking at things,” Seth explained. “They realise when interviewing people that they might be able to get a lot more than what their basic needs are.”

Like a late night rubdown. Or a lunchtime downward dog. Seems legit.


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