How Goodstart is helping families make the most of the new Child Care Subsidy

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With the new Child Care Subsidy rolling out across Australia on 2 July, there are plenty of changes for families with young children in childcare to get their heads around.

While the federal government is heralding the changes as a better, more flexible way for all families to access and use their childcare subsidy with around 1 million Australian families to be better off, there is one childcare provider, Goodstart Early Learning, helping families get the most out of the subsidy changes by offering new arrangements that could allow their families to reduce their out of pocket expenses.

Goodstart Early Learning has launched more flexible options, including new 9 and 10 hour sessions, in addition to the ‘all day’ session, that will help reduce the risk of families running out of subsided eligible hours and paying full fees. This means that families now have the option to only use the hours they actually need.

One size doesn’t fit all

Goodstart Early Learning Advocacy Manager John Cherry said the new flexible options were designed to better meet families’ needs and help minimise out-of-pocket costs.

“At Goodstart we know that one size doesn’t fit all families, and not all families need 12 hours of care a day. By introducing these flexible options families can choose which session best suits them,” he said.

“The 9, 10 and ‘all day’ sessions mean families don’t have to risk exceeding their eligible subsidised hours. They can now choose the session that helps them to get the most out of the Child Care Subsidy.”

“The benefits for children participating in a quality early learning program, like the ones delivered at Goodstart centres, are well documented. Our new daily sessions, combined with the Child Care Subsidy will hopefully make early learning more accessible to more families and give more children a great start in life.”

Early learning centres that have structured programs designed to address key learning areas can help children reach their full potential – now and in the future.

Childcare worker and child at Goodstart Early Learning centre


How can this work for your family?

There are three key factors that will determine how much Child Care Subsidy families may receive:

For a better understanding of how Goodstart’s new flexible options can help families with different work arrangements and care needs, we can look at two families: 

The Nguyen family:

  • The Nguyen family requires childcare five days a week (10 days a fortnight), as both parents work.
  • They are eligible for 100 hours per fortnight of Child Care Subsidy, but their centre is open 12 hours a day, meaning their care requirements exceed their eligible hours by 20 hours per fortnight.
  • The Nguyen family can minimise their costs at Goodstart by choosing a 9 or 10 hour session which means they do not exceed the number of child care hours they are eligible for.

The Healy family:

  • The parent who with the least recognised activity in the Healy family works 20 hours a week over four short days.
  • Their centre is open for 11 hours per day.
  • Through the new Child Care Subsidy, they are entitled to 72 hours of child care perfortnight (36 hours per week).
  • Using the new sessions, they can book in four x 9 hour sessions a week – meaning they will not exceed their eligible hours of Child Care Subsidy.

With Goodstart’s new 9 and 10 hour sessions, as well as the ‘all day’ session, you only pay for the session you need.

This post was sponsored by Goodstart Early Learning.  To find out more about Goodstart, book a tour at your local Goodstart centre or call 1800 222 543 to find out which session best meets your family’s needs.

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