7 special ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day

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Flowers and chocolates are all very nice, but why not make this Mothers’ Day a little more special with a new family tradition? Here are seven inspiring ways to mark the day and make some memories.

1. Take an annual family photo

Mothers’ Day is basically the best excuse to make your family do things that they might not ordinarily do – like actually sit still for a family photo. So use the day to your advantage and get everyone to pose for a family selfie, or better yet, book in a professional photo shoot. If you can stick to the tradition each Mothers’ Day, you’ll have a beautiful record of the family growing up together. And in a world where most of our photos live stashed away on hard drives, this will actually be a family memento you can hang on the wall and admire.

2. Invest in a new family keepsake

There’s a growing trend among mothers to invest in a beautiful piece of jewellery on Mothers’ Day, and it makes sense: not only can you treasure it every day, it’s also something you’ll hopefully pass down through family for years to come. A StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace is a really classic design that’s perfect for Mothers’ Day. The delicate, interconnected rings are inspired by the traditional Russian wedding ring design, and together, the rings symbolise family, strength and unity. You can even personalise each ring with the names of your loved ones – the perfect way to keep your children’s names close to your heart.

3. Choose your own adventure

There are so many traditions that we fall into on Mothers’ Day, but do you really, really want high tea? Or would you secretly rather go to the movies and see a romantic comedy? This is the one 24-hour window where you get to choose the adventure. So get your family on board, ask them to promise they’ll all do the one thing you ask for, on that one day, with the important caveat that no one complains. This is a big ask. But you’re worth it.

4. Get crafty with homemade cards

If you’re not so crazy about spending money on Mothers’ Day, maybe you could encourage the kids to start a homemade card tradition. Stock up at the craft store, and let your children go nuts with their own little masterpieces. Just be sure to clear a space on the mantle piece for the all-important card display, and later, when the kids aren’t looking, stash them away in a memory box. One day you’ll cherish that little card with the stick figures and the sequins.

5. Sleep in with the works

For the many mothers out there who put a high price on sleep, now is the time to bid for an all-day-sleep-in pass, where you can basically lie around in bed with no (repeat, NO) children allowed in until you are ready, thank you very much. This is a surprisingly rich and rare treat, and if there is also a cup of tea involved, you will later emerge from that room feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. Which is, after all, the whole point of Mothers’ Day.

6. Hand over the kitchen duties for a day

Breakfast in bed? Think bigger. This year, ask for the full no-kitchen experience. That’s where your significant other takes charge of all meals for a single day of the year, and you get a blissful reprieve from that unending question – what’s for dinner? One major condition is that you have to completely trust in your family’s cooking abilities. And if all else fails, there is always home delivery.

7. Start a Mothers’ Day journal

After the gifts have been opened and the hugs have been distributed, maybe you can steal a few quiet moments to write down your thoughts in a dedicated Mothers’ Day journal. We all get caught up in the daily swirl of family life, but there’s something really special about stopping for a moment and recording your thoughts about your family. In a few years from now, you’ll flick back through that journal and be glad you did it. They say time flies, and when you’re a mother, it really does.

What special things are you planning for Mothers’ Day?

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