15 things that most likely happened when Christmas shopping for the kids

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There’s no getting around it: Christmas is the time for shopping, especially if you’re a mum. With presents to buy, food and drink to organise, and kids to occupy through it all, it probably seems like you are living at the shops in the lead-up to Christmas. Hang in there. It will all be worth it when it’s done.

If you’ve already embarked on the annual Christmas shop, or if you are about to brave the crowds and head out, then you might recognise some of these scenarios. We’ve all been there.

You park three kilometres from the shops.

It’s not just the parking lot that’s full, all the streets around are full too. This is the precise moment you will wonder why you didn’t do it all online.

You pull out the kids’ wishlists only to realise you don’t understand half of what has been written.

Why do popular toys these days have such weird names? Who knows what a Beanie Boo is anyway? Blame the sloppy handwriting.

Even better, you forgot the lists.

Whatever. They were wildly ambitious anyway. You’re not giving up that parking space, even if it is three kilometres away.

There is a sale on shoes.

Gosh, your feet are sore. What price can you put on healthy feet? Fifty bucks? That seems very reasonable…

You sense competition for the one must-have toy on your list.

It’s the one thing that you simply must buy, the top of the wishlist. There’s only one left in the store and you can tell how much that other mum wants it too. Will you make it in time? Will you give in, since she looks so frazzled?

You buy underwear and socks.

Underwear and socks are always great stocking stuffers, right?

Hunger strikes.

Shopping while “hangry” will only lead to poor decision making. You should really stop for a while.

You buy something on sale, even though it’s not on the list.

Look how cheap that is! Really, it’s like saving money. And after all, you forgot the list. Maybe you should buy a few.

You end up in homewares.

And return home with one of the following: candles, towels or pillows. Mum needs a treat too, kids. This one is even more justified if you have to buy your own presents.

You curse your decision to not shop online.

If you weren’t already cursing after parking three kilometres away, this is the moment you will regret it all. You could be done by now. And in your pyjamas.

You opt for a toy simply because it comes with batteries.

Batteries included! Saving money all over the place.

You also opt for a toy that has a “music off” button.

Musical toys are great, as long as you can turn them off. Save the constantly loud ones for relatives who’ve already inflicted them on you.

You get in trouble for not placing your item in the bagging area.

Self check-out counters are never as fast as you think they’re going to be.

You ask a shop assistant for help only to be pointed in the wrong direction.

I said “toys.” Not lingerie, thanks.

You realise there is no chance all of this stuff is going to fit in the back of your car.

Just cram it in anyway. Seriously, who wants to do this again? You still have to get it all out of the car and into the house without being spotted by the kids!

Happy shopping, Babyologists! 


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