10 reasons to love Christmas, especially when you have children

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‘Tis the season to be jolly. And, if you have children, then you have even more reasons to be excited about the upcoming holiday. Sure, it can be stressful and costly, but just think about all the amazing things come with being a parent during the festive season. We’ve counted down our top ten reasons to love Christmas when you have little ones – come and see if you agree.

They don’t seem to mind listening to Christmas carols.

In fact, they may even request it, which means you have an excellent excuse to keep Michael Buble’s sexy voice on repeat for days and days and days.

You get to redecorate the tree every second night.

Especially if you have toddlers who insist on pulling off the ornaments the moment they walk into the house. You can also expect your tree to be trimmed much more heavily on the bottom half.

You get to scar them for life with the classic Santa photo.

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a cheesy photo with Santa. Bonus points if the kids are wearing matching outfits and triple points if one or all of them are screaming in terror. Check out our hilarious post on awkward Santa photo fails for some serious laughs.

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Your house smells like cinnamon and freshly baked bickies.

The only time I attempt to bake is during Christmas and, even though most of the time the bickies turn out burnt and the kids’ decorations make them look like the gingerbread men have been massacred with frosting and sprinkles, it’s always such a great Christmas tradition.

You have the chance to teach them a valuable lesson in giving and gratitude.

It is easy for children to get carried away with receiving on Christmas but there are plenty of opportunities to give during this time of year. Teach them how important it is to give to those less fortunate by getting involved in charity drives and donations in your area.

You have the best bribe ever.

Four words. Santa is watching you.

You can relive all of your favourite Christmas bedtime stories and movies.

There are so many great Christmas classics that remain just as wonderful and bright to this day. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is still a favourite in our house and even our little ones get a laugh or two out of the Griswold’s Christmas Vacation movie.

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You have seven to eight weeks with them by your side.

Yes. Eight. This gives you plenty of time to do everything you’ve wanted to do with them during the year – trips to the beach, the waterparks, the movies. And, to just be together. To play. To laugh. To talk. To cuddle.

Their capacity to believe provides you with chance to experience the magic all over again.

Not just in Santa but in the entire magical concept that surrounds Christmas. Having children allows you to be on the giving end of all the fun, from leaving carrots and chocolate out for Santa to tracking reindeer footprints on the floor on Christmas Eve.

These little things bring so much joy to your kids, but it’s also great fun for us as parents too. I mean, let’s face it, how many times have you sat back and had a chuckle at your clever Elf on the Shelf idea?

The look of pure delight in their eyes.

Again, it’s not just on Christmas Day when they see that Santa has come, but throughout the month, when they walk through the shops and see the different trees and ornaments, when they visit Santa’s workshop, when they see the Christmas light displays driving home late at night.

I have to say, experiencing Christmas through their eyes is most certainly my favourite thing about being a parent during Christmas. What about you, Babyologists? What’s the best thing about being a mum at Christmas?


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