Sorry mums and dads, but there’s an Elf on the Shelf movie

If you’re like me and are one of those parents who actually *cringe* when anyone so much as mentions that dear little Elf on the Shelf fellow – you may want to look away.

Why tho?

All that effort to create those elaborate scenes/more mess than my children already make for me when I barely even know what I’m buying for their gifts this year?! I think not.

Say it isn’t so

But alas, it seems he’s here to stay.

Because there is actually a MOVIE on him!

 elf on the shelf movie

The movie tells the story of a little mischievous elf called Chippy, assigned by Santa to restore a young boy’s belief in Christmas magic. 

Read more about Elf on the Shelf:

New to us, anyway

An Elf’s Story isn’t new (just to us) – it was released in 2011, and for only $10 and 23 painstaking minutes of your time, it could be yours. Or your children’s.

Perhaps you could play it for your kids while you rock in the corner of the room, consoling yourself with chocolate while trying to find inspiration or motivation to make your own little Chippy come to life?

Good luck!

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