Festive and fancy baking – edible snow globes!

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Let’s be honest, Christmas is a great excuse to show off your culinary skills and put your best dish forward. If you really want to knock the Christmas stockings off your guests, take a leaf out of this clever lady’s recipe book with these all merry, all magnificent Snow Globe Cupcakes!

At first look, they seem like some sort of baker’s urban myth, but as Elizabeth – the talent behind the blog Sugar Hero – talks you through the process of creating magical looking Snow Globe Cupcakes you’re assured you can actually make these beauties at home. Cue angels singing.


Now while creating a bubble from gelatin might seem like something put forward by the producers of Masterchef, Elizabeth gives full instructions on what to do (complete with diagrams), so you can create them in your own kitchen.

Imagine the looks on your guest’s faces (and your baking smugness) when you pull these out to have with coffee on Christmas Eve! For the full tutorial, along with all the hints and tips on how to tackle those fancy gelatin bubbles, head on over to Sugar Hero.

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