“I’m hardcore” – Jessica Alba’s passing some strict values on to her kids

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Actor Jessica Alba is also the co-founder of the wildly successful company The Honest Co, and she says she’s working hard to instil a sense of responsibility and commitment in her own children.

“My time is valuable”

A robust work ethic is tip-top of the list for Jess, who is mum to ten-year-old Honor, seven-year-old Haven and ten-month-old baby Hayes with husband Cash Warren.

The couple are leading by example showing their children that being engaged in meaningful work – and working hard – reaps its own rewards. At least it does for this family, anyway!

Jessica’s modelling this tireless work ethic and some serious entrepreneurial skills to her own daughter very purposefully.

“I can’t be at every school drop-off and pickup, but I’m showing her my time is valuable and that she has value to me,” she told Parents Magazine, People reports.

“I also want her to see that my work is important and that I’m trying my best to make a difference, and maybe she’ll absorb it.”

It’s not the first time Jess has highlighted just how committed she is to achieving her goals.

“I’ve been driven toward goals my whole life, and I didn’t stop and smell the roses – ever,” she told InStyle in May of this year. “I slowed down for a second when I had Honor and Haven, but then I was right back in the hustle.”

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Work hard. Be kind.

Jess comes from humble beginnings and built her profile and business with good old tenacity and a lot of elbow grease.

She says she and her husband are careful to point out to their children the correlation between work and a comfortable lifestyle – and she’s keen for them to not take their good fortune for granted.

“If my kids complain when Cash and I go to work, I say, ‘Do you like your life? Because it’s not free. Your dad and I work hard so you can have everything you have. That’s why you take care of your stuff. And guess what? If you don’t work hard, your life won’t always be like this,’ ” Jess said.

This industriousness is not the only focus for the Alba-Warren clan. The mum-of-three says the importance of education and the value of kindness are written into the family ethos, too.

“You’ve got to figure out what you want to do. Go to school, do well, treat others well,” Jess said she tells her older children. “I’m hardcore about that.”

“I’ve been a feminist my whole life because I’ve always believed in equality. My husband and kids believe in it too,” she explained. 

“It’s so basic. Be kind. Be fair. And stand up for anyone who is not being treated with fairness or kindness. It’s not complicated.”


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