Don’t write us off! Here’s why stay-at-home mums deserve that job interview

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Being a stay-at-home mum is one of the hardest jobs any woman can do. There’s no training, no management on hand to help, and there’s certainly no pay or leave.

We jump into the role without a life boat and have no choice other than to swim.  There are days when our legs are paddling like hell under the surface, just to keep us abreast of the waves so we can juggle multiple balls.

Therefore, when I read a recent study that found stay-at-home mums are half as likely to get a job interview as mums who are laid off, I was mad.

Stay-at-home mums should be equally entitled to get a job interview as others. In my opinion, they’re likely the best ones for the job — and this is why … 

Organisational skills

Organising life with children in tow is no mean feat. Getting ready in the morning to get out the door can feel much like climbing Everest in bare feet. Packing a bag for every potential scenario is the equivalent of packing for a weekend break away.

Incorporating activities, chores, and shopping takes patience, planning and time. Things have to happen in a military fashion – even down to allowing time for your toddler’s inevitable ‘last minute’ poo.

But that’s why us mums fulfil our roles so well. We do HAVE to be organised. We do have to be one step ahead of the game, and we have to be prepared for a spanner to be thrown in the works at any unexpected time.

Time management

In conjunction with organisation, time management skills are a must have for all mums. Any mum of a baby and toddler knows only too well the importance of a routine. Only the brave dares the wrath of a tired little one at home.

Allocating time for everything can be tough, but mums have the inbuilt ability to be able to prioritise, as well as deal with any last-minute deadlines or demands.


Imagine the scenario if you will. A crying baby, a demanding, hungry and on the verge of tantrumming toddler. (You don’t need to imagine do you?! You’ve been there). You’re at the checkout and seem to have chosen the longest and slowest queue ever.

Do you get stressed? Well, yes okay maybe a little. But, being a super mum, you instead pop your breast in the baby’s mouth, soothe the toddler with a cuddle and a snack and pack your shopping ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

How’s that for multi-tasking?

Us mums can multitask like no other. We’re experts in it, because we have to be and no two days are the same with little ones.

Employee conflict

Anyone with more than one child will know that refereeing between the siblings can, in itself, be a full-time job.

Fights break out over the smallest thing. ‘He’s in my space’, ‘I was sitting there’, ‘I had it first’, and usually happen when you just want to do something for yourself (read, drink a hot cup of tea or have a 30 second shower).

Solving conflict between little ones takes a lot of patience and the ability to empathise with even the most ridiculous and dramatic of complaints. Dealing with adults in a corporate environment is most likely a breeze in comparison.


There’s no one more dedicated to their job than a mum.

Mums are dedicated to their roles 24/7. They work relentlessly for their little employees and do it with such passion and love that their commitment is never in question.

They meet every deadline. They complete every task to the best of their abilities. They never let their little ones down. And they work tirelessly to ensure that happiness and calm is maintained at all time (or at least as much as possible).

So, isn’t it about time that you consider that stay-at-home mum’s job application and give her an interview?


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