Carrie Bickmore shares photo of her messy bedroom, delighting other busy mums

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Carrie Bickmore is the sort of famous mum who other mums adore. Not only has she battled through some pretty fraught times, she’s a smart cookie, a committed campaigner for brain cancer awareness AND is raising an adorable and modern family. Phew! 

“Been a big week!!!”

An image Carrie posted on Instagram yesterday (above) has quickly captured the attention of parents across the country. It’s a candid snap of her very, very messy side of the bed, a sort of cluttered and laundry-strewn homage to busy mum life.

“My side of the bed,” Carrie posted. “Been a big week!!! Time to clean up for the week ahead. I promise it’s not always this messy!”

(Before we go any further, let us hat-tip the neat-freaks who are not loving this image. We know it’s making you itchy. We know you can’t operate unless things are tidy. We know you think sorting this mess out should be a priority. Here’s a paper bag to breathe into.)

The juggle is real

If you’re still here – and not breathing into a paper bag – then you’re probably loving this pic as much as we do!

Carrie not only juggles a very demanding role on Network Ten’s The Project, she has a radio gig, is currently in full Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer mode raising millions of dollars for brain cancer research, is working with Garnier as a beauty ambassador AND is raising two kids (ten-year-old Oliver and three-year-old Evie). And those are just some of the commitments we know about!

A patch of jumbled carpet on her side of the bed seems pretty legitimate and harmless fall-out, when you look at all the brilliant stuff this ace mum is achieving.

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“Thanks for being real”

Carrie’s Instagram followers (mostly) loved this glimpse of real life Carrie too:

“Thanks for being real @bickmorecarrie makes me feel like I’m a normal working mum where the house work sometimes suffers!” one follower wrote.

“So good to know that we all have busy weeks working and juggling kids, some days the chores just take a bit longer to get around to,” one mum commented.

“Thanks for reminding us that you are just like the rest of us – not some perfect version of who we all think we have to be!” another posted.

Here, here! #CarrieForPM


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