7 tips every mum needs for surviving a day at work on 3 hours sleep

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We’ve all been there. Up most of the night with a teething baby and a toddler who wet the bed, and now, just when you’ve finally fallen into a deep, deep sleep, the alarm goes off and you have to leap from bed and pretend to be a functioning human by leaving the house and going to work.


Don’t worry! We working mums are used to having to survive and conquer on little or no sleep. But some of these tips might just get you through the day with a little less wear and tear.

1. Grab an egg and bacon roll with your coffee

If you haven’t had much sleep, chances are you’ve hit snooze on your alarm clock a few times and lost the two minutes you had to eat breakfast (in between packing daycare bags). While coffee is probably on your ‘I can not face the day without it’ list, do yourself a favour and grab an egg and bacon roll, or something else with protein in it, from the cafe too – it will give you more energy to motor through your day without flagging too much. 

Tired woman at desk

2. Embrace the crinkled look

Scrunchy is a style, did you know? If you haven’t had time to iron, try pairing your crinkled shirt with some tight jeans or your scrunched skirt with a fitted t-shirt. If you accessorise with bohemian earrings and simple flats, it can just be your new style!

3. Crank the tunes

If you are driving to daycare drop off in a daze listening to The Wiggles, stop. You are probably at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Ditch the kids’ music and put on music you love that will lift your mood. If you sing along, chances are your kids will too and you’ll drive to work feeling more alert

4. Drink lots of water 

Sure, you may need to pee as soon as you get to the office, but drinking water on your commute and at work will do wonders. According to the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel, hitting the H2O helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells and regulate body temperature. 

Most importantly, drinking water helps you stay hydrated.  Dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue, so anything we can do to avoid it is worth doing well.

5. Sneak in a nap

If you can nod off on the train while you commute to work, do! Never underestimate the power of a nanna nap. Even if you drive to work, consider sneaking off for some 40 winks in your car in your lunch break. Just make sure you set your alarm to wake you before your workmates wonder where you disappeared off to!

6. Go for a walk

If you know you won’t be able to nap at lunch, go for a walk instead. Exercise creates energy in your body and even makes you want to move more. So if you don’t think you’ll make it through the afternoon, go for a brisk walk STAT. 

Working woman putting on sneakers

7. Munch on healthy snacks

Keep nuts in your drawer for low GI energy and a fruit bowl on your desk. Whenever you feel yourself start to fade, crunch into an apple and have a handful of nuts. By doing this you will be resisting the urge to give into your cravings for vending machine treats. These will only play havoc with your blood sugar levels and make you feel more slumpy when they wear off.

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