The 6 stages parents go through after stealing their kid’s pocket money

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Look, I am not proud of this but I’ve done it. I’ve taken money from my kids pocket money jar – and used it.

Usually for coffee. And recently for the school fete to pay for the rides. Sometimes for an ice-cream (um, for the kids!).

Because: in an almost cashless world, our kids seem to be the only ones with gold coins when you need one. 

You know where to find it

As the parent, you also always know exactly where to find the kids’ money.

Birthday money.

Money from grandparents.

Pocket money.

Stuff they found on the floor or in the car.

It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, the point is, the kids always have it when you need it.

Parents, you really only have one job here  

And according to a colleague (and mum of three grown children), the only way to feel better about what you’re doing is to swear to yourself that you will pay them back.

“You keep it tracked in the back of your mind. And for me (with three kids) I always owe someone, something,” she said.

If you’re contemplating doing the same (or already have and are now feeling bad) here are the six guaranteed stages you will go through after stealing from your kids.

1. Stealth

Night time is the best time for the act. No track marks.

2. Vast amounts of guilt

This is unavoidable. You feel REALLY bad when you do this.

3. Bargaining

Reminding yourself (often, hourly) to repay the jar is the only way to absolve yourself of guilt. Don’t forget.

4. Don’t tell your kids

Unless they notice, then you have to admit to it. Of course, you do.

5. Definitely tell other parents

Admission really helps with #2. Sharing your shame always helps with guilt.

6. Don’t make it a habit

After a couple of times, I realised that what I needed more was my own jar of coins. So I have tried transferring the shrapnel that sits at the bottom of my handbag to the jar in the pantry. (Not foolproof but at least it’s a start, right??)


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