Less toddler stress at the airport with Mountain Buggy Bagrider

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If you’re a frequent flying family with a toddler in tow, then you need to look here. We’ve got the scoop on the fabulous new Bagrider from Mountain Buggy. It’s going to make your next family holiday with a toddler so very easy and infinitely more fun.

If you have ever been through the airport with a baby or toddler, you know how much of a stressful struggle it can be. Especially once the pram is checked in. Little legs aren’t made for the mad dash across the terminal to the boarding gate and when you’re juggling luggage, there isn’t always a free hand to scoop up your kid and carry them. Some serious kid-wrangling skills are often needed, but thanks to Mountain Buggy that frantic airport scene can change to something more serene.

Forget the pram and the oversized baggage line. No need to pack the carrier either because the Bagrider is luggage and carrier in one. Retaining its luggage capacity, the Bagrider transforms into a secure travelling seat for babies and toddlers aged nine months to three years. When there’s no kid on board, it folds back into a normal wheeled configuration that conforms to cabin luggage sizes on most airlines. We’re impressed.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

Due to be released in mid-2016, Babyology will be first in line to let you know when this super new Mountain Buggy product becomes available locally. For more tips and products to suit your jet-setting family check out our Travel and Out & About sections. And make sure to check out our other Mountain Buggy posts.


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