8 thoughts every parent has when at the park

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I love taking my boys to the park – well most days. Some days it can be a bit of a drag, I mean how many more times does he want me to push him on the swing?! But most days I love it. The playground is an escape from home and a place where my little monkeys can let off steam before (hopefully) collapsing into a blissful slumber after lunch.

While I mostly love it, I do tend to have have the same thoughts every time we’re there though. Here’s what they are. Please tell me I’m not alone?!

1. I wish there were automated swings

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Why doesn't someone invent swing sets with a button you can push to start them moving? OK, maybe I''m being lazy. But I have two boys going on two different swings at the same time and I'm getting tired. It's not helping that they keep pressuring me to work harder by screaming "higher please, higher please" - but good on me for insisting on swing manners.


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