Oops! 10 movies you probably shouldn’t have let your preschooler watch

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We get it – your child can now sit through an entire movie without flipping out so you whack on some of your old childhood faves or catch the latest ‘family-friendly’ blockbuster. Enter night terrors and awkward questions about sex – oops! Here are 10 classic flicks parents often (mistakenly!) think are kid-appropriate. 

1. Harry Potter

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Sure, the 'Harry Potter' films are 'bloody brilliant!' as Ron Weasley would say, but they also have some seriously dark undertones ... child kept locked under the stairs, parents murdered by an evil wizard, said wizard is now hunting down child! Although the first film in the series is the most child-friendly of them all, once they've seen one you just know they'll be begging to watch the rest - and that's when things escalate into some terrifying territory for tots.

What other movies have you (or your partner!!) let your young kids watch but shouldn’t have? Tell us on Facebook!


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