Best baby books to help get new parents through bub’s first year

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The other day I went to my dear cousin’s baby shower. She’s having her first bub and I am over the moon for her. When I thought about what to buy her, I wanted to gift her something that would help her in her new mum journey. Onesies are cute and all but they won’t help her out at 4am with attachment issues! 

I also wanted her to know she’s got this, that she’ll be just fine. More than fine. She’s going to be a great mum!

So, I bought her Baby Love by Robin Barker, because unlike some of the other baby guides out there that can cause new mums to stress and feel like failures when their babies don’t do what the books say they should (and I’m looking at you Save our Sleep), it’s wonderfully reassuring and helpful.

Here are some other great baby books for new mums if you’re expecting your own baby, or want to gift them to a mum-to-be friend.

BabyCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

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Lots of new mums are fans of Sarah Ockwell-Smiths thanks to her understanding of the headspace of new parents. With gentle advice, Sarah encourages new mums to trust their instincts. She also reminds you that there are other ways to cope with being a new mum besides strict baby routines or controlled crying.


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