You’ll love this kids’ “teething” jewellery by Jellystone Juniors

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For kids who fidget or can’t resist popping things in their mouths, “teething” jewellery is an easy (and fashionable) alternative!

Jellystone Junior

Bite me!

Whether you have preschoolers who are dealing with the challenges of anxiety, have sensory processing sensitivities or are simply fidgety fashion-lovers, this innovative “teething jewellery” is here to save the day! The pretty and chewable range of accessories cleverly allows kids to soothe or distract themselves when they need it most, all whilst looking super cute!

The Jellystone Juniors range is BPA free, non-toxic, and a breeze to clean. The pendants feature a safety clasp for peace of mind – and they come in bright colours that kids are guaranteed to love.

Jellystone Junior necklaces

Rainbows and robots!

The range has something for every kid’s taste – from loveable robots, skulls and non-scary shark teeth … to rainbows, owls and hearts!

“We are committed to enhancing the ways babies and children learn through sensory exploration. We’ve seen such an increased demand for our pendants and from children with sensory needs and strive to create funky products that all kids can love wearing,” Jellystone Designs founder Claire Behrmann explains.

This quirky “teething” jewellery range is made especially for kids aged three and up. It’s also priced to please at $14.95 per piece.

Get chewing, kiddos!

Jellystone Juniors

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