This adorable costume is perfect for your little deer

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We all know kids love dressing up and in fact have the ability to create a character out of the most cobbled-together bits and bobs.

Creative costumes for kids

This sort of imaginative costume curation is brilliant, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes you might want to take things to a whole other level and help your child truly immerse themselves in their character.

Thankfully there are some genius makers out there who ensure that – if you are willing to spend a little – you can transform your child from regular kid to something truly amazing.

The costumes by Inbal Carmi Studio have those sort of superpowers. They are beautifully designed and created and take kids from dear to deer. Among other things.

“I used to work in an advertising agency,” Inbal says, “but one day I decided to make a change in my life and become a costume designer.”

Honestly, we are so glad she did because she’s super talented and lots of little people are having brilliant adventures because of her clever costumes.

We chose to highlight the deer set because it’s a little more affordable than some of the others. People who have bought this costume couldn’t be happier.

“So adorable! My daughter got so many compliments! And she absolutely loved her antlers hat!
Quality of the costume is outstanding!”

“Superb craftsmanship and the sweetest design. Our little one absolutely loved the deer costume, and she looks adorable in it!”

Deer costume

Kids costumesElf costume

What to choose?!

You could also try a Mummy and Me Babushksa set – complete with aprons and tiny doll. Or a gorgeous swan hat? Or even a snazzy little fox costume.

Really, this maker has let their imagination go pretty wild as they’ve rustled up these amazing designs and we could not love them more.

You can see the full range of gorgeous costumes and costume hats here.

Kids costumes Kids costumes



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