7 hair styles you have most likely mastered as a mum

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I’m calling it. This is the year of the ‘mum bun’. Last year, it was all about the ‘man bun’ but this year, we mums are ready to steal the bun back. After all, it belonged to us first.

Even if you haven’t rocked the mum bun, you will most likely be able to relate to at least a couple of these ‘mum’ hair styles that seem to become a part of our daily morning routine once we have kids. These are the styles that define us. We’ll show you how to bring sexy mum hair back.

mum hair 3

1. The Mum Bun

This is by far my favourite look. And if society can make the man bun hip, then surely we can do the same for this simple style.

mum hair 4

2. The Chop

As soon as I had my second baby, I chopped it all off. And I mean all. And, apparently, this is quite common. The good thing about the chop is that it is so easy to take care of. The bad thing is that when you decide you miss your long hair, it takes several months of the “ugly, awkward middle stage” to get those long locks back.

mum hair 7

3. The Me-Do-It!

When your little one comes out of the bathroom with a hair brush and spray, you know it’s not going to end well for your hair.

mum hair 8

4. The Beach Bum

You know the look – wavy locks, glistening in the sun and floating freely in the wind?  Beach bum mum hair is totally possible. Simply chase your kids along the beach for an afternoon. Or jump on the trampoline with them for a few minutes. Or open the car door windows to try and drown out their screams when driving down the highway.


mum hair 2

5. The Seven-Day Ponytail

Each day it just keeps getting lower and lower…

mum hair 9

6. The Bed Head

You’ve just rolled out of bed and you’ve got that sexy bedroom hair going on. No, just kidding. You’ve probably got a combination of breast milk and baby dribble coating your luscious locks. But, hey, that’s almost the same thing, right?

mum hair 5

7. The Doo Rag

When in doubt, hide the roots and greys behind a scarf, bandana or any other piece of fabric you can find in the pile of clean clothing. Success.


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