Prints charming: 9 gorgeous frocks that hide what your kid spilled on you

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Are YOU forever sporting some smeared Vegemite or an unwelcome deposit of baby puke on your freshly laundered outfit?

Stealthy style

Consider the idea of camo clothing, dear reader. No, we’re not talking military style garments that might have you on the “be alert, not alarmed” list. Instead, we’re talking PRINTS! The kind of prints that busy the eye and divert attention from that peanut butter splodge to your rad fashion skills instead!

We’ve carefully chosen these on-trend prints and plaids with price, varied mum style/shapes AND cuteness in mind.

So next time you’re tempted to pop on that toddler-stained neutral uniform you usually favour, maybe switch things up for the busy and helpful styling of these charming puke-hiding prints! (You’re so welcome.)

Gorman dress

1. Gorman Cactus Flower dress (above) – $229 – Sizes 6 to 14

Zara dress

2. Zara Jacquard Dress (above) – $44.95 – Sizes S, M and L

Obus dress

3. Obus Markuya shift (above) – $269 – Sizes 0 to 4 (which equates to Size 6 to 14)

ASOS dress

4. ASOS Moon River plaid midi dress (above) – $129 – Sizes XS to L

City Chic dress

5. City Chic Romaji floral dress (above) – $129 – Sizes XS to XXL

Boden dress

6. Boden Hotchpotch Pintuck dress (above) – $150 – Sizes 6 to 22

Leonard St dress

7. Leonard St Pretty As A Picture velvet dress (above) – $290 – Sizes 6 to 14

Uniqlo dress

8. Uniqlo Flannel Check long sleeve shirt dress (above) – $49.90 – Sizes XS to XL

Modcloth dress

9. Modcloth Romantic Renewal dress (above) – $79 – Sizes XXS to 4X

Quite a few of the stores above have Afterpay on offer, to lighten the load on your purse, too.

Go forth and frock up, you fashionable devil!


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