Perhaps you missed Meghan and Princess Diana’s cute matchy-matchy moment?

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While Duchess Kate often pays tribute to Princess Diana when it comes to her fashion and jewellery choices, Meghan’s also matched with her late mother-in-law – it’s just been a little more under-the-radar.

Dressing with an agenda

Diana had a lot of fun with fashion and wasn’t afraid to carve her own path and make a statement. Duchess Meghan’s approach to style is very similar.

She’s happy to stray from the usual conservative looks we often see the royals in, opting for more contemporary fashion that often quietly says something about ethics and body image.

For instance, there was the time she wore Outland Denim jeans – an ethical Australian brand which provides training and support for women who have experienced exploitation – on her tour of Australia with Prince Harry. 

And the time when she wore a dress belted high above her postpartum bump the day after she gave birth to baby Archie, giving the world a realistic view of the postpartum body.

She’s also made no secret of her enthusiasm for businesses that work with a social justice agenda – like this cake shop – and her admiration of people who are changing the discourse in general, her forces for change, like body acceptance campaigner and actor Jameela Jamil.

Meghan Markle

When she popped up at Wimbledon to watch her pal Serena Williams play, Meghan was wearing a little tribute to her new baby – a necklace with his initial “A”.

It was a pretty modern and relatable look, the sort of piece that lots of regular new mums might wear – and not really the kind of piece that we’ve seen other royals wear before.

Meghan markle

Except …  for Princess Diana! Marie Claire has just pointed out that Meghan’s not the only high profile royal to sport an initial necklace.


“When her engagement was announced in 1981, [Diana] was pictured many times going in and out of her house, wearing a chain with her own initial on it,” Marie Claire explains.

Granted Diana’s was a much bling-ier initial “D”, but it was the ’80s and delicate was simply not on the cards, fashion-wise.

Meghan’s gold “A” necklace was a gift from Australian designer Emma Swann and it’s by her label Verse Fine Jewellery. It sells for $690 and it’s 18K gold.

Duchess Meghan Necklace




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