Next please! We sent mums online shopping – here’s what they bought

Going shopping for clothes with kids can be a headache. Within minutes, one child’s chucking a tantrum while the other is threatening to open the dressing room curtain as you hurriedly try on some desperately-needed threads. You give up, you go home, defeated with no new clothes.

It’s a stress mums Jules Coffey and Elise Grossman know too well. “Shopping in-store can be really difficult,” says mum of two, Jules. “The kids are acting up while you’re trying to work out sizing and prices. It can really raise your anxiety level.”

To ease their pain, we gave both mums $300 spending money to try shopping online at instead. Next are Great Britain’s number one online children’s clothing retailer, and they’re fast becoming a favourite here too with their fashionable yet affordable range.

“I love the quality. They’re very trendy and current but still a really reasonable price,” says Jules. “I just kept finding pieces I could add and I didn’t come away at the end wanting to ditch the shopping cart because it was too expensive.” 

She treated herself to a beautiful yellow sun dress and indigo linen shirt with nude leather knot sandals. Meanwhile, Elise snapped up two outfits – a wide leg jumpsuit plus skinny jeans and red stripy shirt with white leather mule slides.

“I think I’ve worn the jeans almost every day!” says Elise, a mother of three. “They’re so comfy and they’re high-waisted so they’re really good mum jeans for picking up kids or toys. You can dress them up or keep them casual too.”

“The jumpsuit is really nice and flattering too. I’m a bit curvy and had three kids so it sits really nice and accentuates your waist. I’ve wore it out and I’m still able to breastfeed in it too.”

They also bought their kids a stack of new outfits with the change left over. “They do go through a lot of clothes so it’s great to find good quality for the right price,” observes Jules.

As for the online shopping experience? With no trolleys needed, tantrums or tears, both mums found it a cinch.

“I just sat down when I was breastfeeding with my daughter and did it on my phone,” says Elise. “It’s really easy to navigate the site and make a purchase.”

“It saves time so much time,” adds Jules. “You can do it when your kids are sleeping. It gets delivered to your door and they have a great return policy if the sizing isn’t right, which is comforting.”

With kids growing ALL THE TIME, both mums said they’d happily be back Next time their kids outgrew their wardrobe.

“Spending money on three kids now is hard,” says Elise. “Currently, we live off one wage so having to support five people on that, you want to get your money’s worth. You definitely do with Next.”

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This is a sponsored post for Next Clothing.

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