Jools and Jamie’s baby deadline: The couple reveal plans for baby number SIX

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Jools Oliver has just popped up on the Made by Mammas podcast to chat about travelling with kids, but she also shared her first impressions of childhood sweetheart, Jamie Oliver … and some hopeful baby news. 

“You can’t beat it”

Jamie and wife Jools are parents to sixteen-year-old Daisy, fifteen-year-old Poppy, nine-year-old Petal, eight-year-old Buddy and two-year-old River.

They’ve navigated some tricky times lately, with one of the businesses Jamie is associated with – Jamie’s Italian – deeply in debt, but they’re pushing on with efforts both foodie and fashion, and Jools was keen to have a chat.

When podcast hosts Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton asked Jools if she’s shut up the baby shop and completed her family with Jamie, her response was unequivocally in the negative.

‘No! I am going to be 44 in November so it would be nice to get it in before I am 44, but you don’t know if anything is going to happen,” Jools said.

“After that I think I am getting a bit too old. I am very happy with what I’ve got, but a little baby, you can’t beat it.”

Jamie feels the same, recently telling OK Magazine: “We’re not trying, but you never know – I can’t say there won’t be more kids. Since Jools was 18, a big family was the only thing she wanted. When she said big I thought she meant two kids!”

Childhood sweethearts

Jools admitted her first impressions of Jamie were that he was a bit of a lad about town.

“When I first met him he was a drummer and that’s what got me, rock star image you know! He was 17 or 18 and in a band,” she laughed.

“He invited me to a gig so I went along to some sweaty disgusting place and I went along to watch, and then we all got on the bus home and then that was it.”

Read more about Jamie and Jools:

Jools said she wasn’t the only one with her eye on young Jamie and notes that they’ve been together since the very first date.

“He was quite popular so I thought ‘I want a piece of that’, and he was very cool and the man about town. When I was 18 he asked me out on a date and then we had a courtship for a year and we have never separated since, never broken up.”

Jamie’s obviously besotted with Jools still too. He frequently posts cute tributes to her on Instagram and family seems to be the first priority for this gang.

You can listen to the full podcast – and tap into Jools’ expert globetrotting with kids tips – here.

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