Puddles are no match for a Muddy Buddy rain suit

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Like a moth to a flame, no kid can resist the awesome power of a giant muddy puddle. We figure if you can’t beat ’em, enable ’em with something like the Muddy Buddy, a waterproof, head to ankle rain suit.

Made for epic jumps into puddles, playing in dirt or messy arts and crafts sessions, the Muddy Buddy ($32) by Tuffo is designed to keep kids clean and dry even in the messiest of circumstances.


Tuffo’s design has a contingency for every way a kid might try to get soaked through their rain gear. The hood has a visor to shed water away from faces, the ankle and wrist cuffs are snuggly elasticised and fit over boots and mitts, and every seam is sealed and waterproof.

Good for all seasons, Muddy Buddies are lightweight and enormously roomy, leaving plenty of space underneath for winter layers. No clothes are harmed when peeling out of a Muddy Buddy either. It’s got long, double zips on the front so kids can easily step out of the suit.

Muddy Buddy runningpuddle

Muddy Buddies come in sizes from 12 months to five years, and there’s a rainbow of colours to choose from: red, yellow, pink, blue and camouflage.

Muddy Buddy is stocked online at Shop Girl in Australia, and orders over $90 ship for free.


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