Khloé Kardashian says baby True’s make-up tutorial “will be uploaded shortly”

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Khloé Kardashian just uploaded a very sweet photo of nine-month-old baby True and it’s fair to say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree!

True-torial coming soon?

The image shows the toddler wrapped in a pink towel and sporting a fluffy sleep mask atop her forehead, happily propped up in Khloé’s bathroom sink.

True’s surrounded by enough cosmetics to rival a department store … and it’s plain to see the baby girl is very pleased with the situation she finds herself in.

“My little Becca BFF approves of mommies and aunties collab with @beccacosmetics,” Khloé captioned the photo. “True’s makeup tutorial will be uploaded shortly … Ok calm down, I’m just kidding about the tutorial guys.”

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✩ My little Becca Bff approves of mommies and aunties collab with @beccacosmetics. True’s Makeup tutorial will be uploaded shortly ✩ ok calm down, I’m just kidding about the tutorial guys ✩

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Glamming it up

True’s passionate fan base loved this photo and we’re a little disappointed that Khloé was kidding about the how-to.

“Awww. She just gets cuter every day,” one posted.

“Look at her glamming it up so adorable,” another gushed.

“But I’m here for her tutorial though,” a commenter wrote.

“The fact that you even have to say you’re kidding just so you don’t get bashed is outrageous,” another sympathetic Khloé fan posted.

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Make-up meltdown

It’s not the first time we’ve witnessed a Kardashian kid having adventures with make-up (and we’re sure it won’t be the last!) 

Kim filmed her five-year-old daughter North’s own make-up meltdown how-to back in November and it’s fair to say that did not go quite as swimmingly … mostly because her mum could not keep still and made things get a little wobbly! (See below)

We’ve all been there North, and even the best of us slip up with the eyeliner at one time or another. 


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