Don’t worry dads! Fridaballs is here to stop your kid kicking you in the nuts

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Never fear, gents of the world. New kid-repelling underwear has been invented so your nuts can dodge those pesky kicks and punches! 

Cosy nuts

They’re called Fridaballs. Get it? Free-da-balls!!

This product dads didn’t know they really, really needed – until now – is packed with features designed to keep gents’ little friends safe – and protect them from overstimulated kicky, punchy kids.

“The hits keep coming when you’re a Dad,” Fridaballs makers say. “Head butts, the baby carrier swinging heel and the good ole Sunday morning bed jump.”

And gosh they’re spot on. Worried for dad balls across the globe, they’ve invented undies with superpowers, designed to keep dads’ crown jewels safe, sound and non-sweaty while avoiding the dreaded plumbers’ bum. A special snug-yet-stretchy waistband keeps pants neatly pulled up and a reinforced protective pouch in the front reduces unexpected impact (and overheating!)

Have you ever seen a more helpful pair of underpants? We think not!

Won’t somebody think of the dads?

We’re very glad that dads can now protect their vulnerable penis area from their zealous, bouncy offspring, because honestly this was one of the most pain-riddled parts of parenting and somebody had to step in. Pheee-ewwwww!

We mums will just be over here tending to the bits of us that are tweaked, stretched, cracked, bitten, scratched, snipped, sliced, blocked, swollen, squeezed, slobbered-on, collapsed, snotted-against and broken all the day long … 

But you dads go right ahead and enjoy your safe and specially snug-ified nuts!

(Seriously though. No parent deserves to endure discomfort and if this helps the penis-ed people feel less under siege, we’re actually all for it.)

Fridaballs are currently sold out, but you can join the waiting list if you’re keen to snap up a pair or three. They’re $27.99/pair and while they only ship to the US and Canadian addresses at present, Australia Post’s Shopmate service can hook you up with a US postal address – and send your undies on to Australia.

Undies sorted!



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