Does your favourite baby need these teeny, shimmery ballet shoes?

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Does your favourite baby need teeny, shimmery ballet shoes? We’re fairly sure the answer is … YES!

En pointe!

Just when you thought baby kicks simply could not get any cuter, along comes the Freshly Picked folk. They’ve decided not only to make adorable little ballet shoesies for teeny kiddos, but to adorn them with cute bows and sparkles and flamingoes. GASP! 

These shoes are not only eye-wateringly adorable, but they are also packed with the comfy, quality features this brand is known for.

Firstly, they’re made from butter-soft, premium leather to ensure they feel good on little feet.

Also? They have gentle elasticised panels at the opening to make putting them on super easy – and keeping them on a breeze. GENIUS.

They have a soft sole which makes them perfect for babies and toddlers alike and they’re super-durable and built to last the distance, too. 

Apart from all that they come in a bunch of brilliant styles, with something to suit the personality of every budding ballerina …

 The Ballet Flat Bow Mocc  The Ballet Flat Bow Mocc  The Ballet Flat Bow Mocc  The Ballet Flat Bow Mocc

From top to bottom:

Chrome Ballet Flat Bow Moccasin
Dreamy Flamingo Bow Moccasin
Platinum Ballet Flat Bow Moccasin
Rose Gold Ballet Flat Bow Moccasin

RRP $120

Now you just have to choose the perfect pair for your favourite little one. Perhaps simply close your eyes and point? Because honestly … every single style is a winner! 

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