Delightful Danish-designed shoes for kids from Bisgaard

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Bisgaard children’s shoes manage to moonlight as show stopping fashion accessories, while still maintaining that all-important comfort factor. Come and see why so many kids are putting their best foot forward in these Danish wonders.

Behind this stunning shoe brand is a husband and wife team who strive to create amazing children’s footwear. Durable, fashion-forward and kind on small feet, Bisgaard shoes are simply sublime.


Of course in Australia, we’re in the throes of winter, so it’s great that we can grab a pair of Bisgaard boots locally from Big Dreams. There are bright rubber gumboots for $59.95.


There are also a few different styles of ankle boots, which start at $179.95. The absolute king of boots in the Bisgaard range are the long boots, which retail for $269.95.


Bisgaard also make a few different styles in their Maryjanes, which cost $159.95.


Big Dreams carries a huge selection of Bisgaard shoes and boots, so take a browse and prepare to be blown away!


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