Australian mum-to-be’s eyebrow raising pre-birth beauty stop

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Got a bit of time to fill before your planned caesarean? Some people might read a book, some might double-check their hospital bag, some might play some mood music in the hospital waiting room. And some, like this straight-talking Aussie mum-to-be, pop into the hospital beauty salon for an eyebrow tint.

This hilarious logic of Australian makeup blogger Mollie Harwood has left many in stitches after she posted a video to Facebook of her beauty treatment while waiting to deliver her second child.

“So I arrived here thinking that I was going in at 10.30/11 to have a caesar and no that’s not happening,’ Mollie says.

“It’s currently a quarter to 11 and apparently it’s so busy that they can’t fit me in at the moment.

“I’m literally sitting around just waiting so I decided to go for a wander in the hospital and I found a beauty salon and the one thing I forgot to do before I came into hospital was get my eyebrows tinted so tada.”

The amusing and frank display is characteristic of Mollie, a qualified hair and makeup artist, who promises her more than 2600 followers “no BS makeup tips” to help everyday mums look good and juggle their busy days.

“There you go, I’m going to have nice dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby which hopefully f*****g happens today,’ she jokes.

“Anyway, just thought I’d give you an update. At least Mollie Makeup finds something to do in the hospital that relates to make up.’”


It seems Mollie should have squeezed in a mani-pedi double too, and perhaps a facial as well, because her daughter Bronte’s scheduled delivery was delayed several times until the little poppet finally arrived Monday.

Mollie is not the first expectant mum to fit in a last minute freshen up. Melbourne footy WAG Nadia Bartel managed to shave her legs and apply a spray tan in early labour, while New York make-up artist Alaha Majid distracted herself from her contractions by going “full glam” using every tool in her kit to look flawless when her daughter arrived.

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