7 sassy t-shirts for slightly fed-up mums (just in time for Mother’s Day)

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We all love a Special Day but when it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us have mixed feelings. Yes! We want to be showered in thoughtful trinkets. Yes! We want a sleep-in and breakfast in bed. Yes! We want to feel loved and celebrated all day long.

But the reality is sometimes very different. When your kids are very small, it usually falls to your partner to pull this special day together – with varied results. I’m looking at all you mothers who’ve been gifted a fancy new broom or similar.

Or even worse, being told, “But you’re not MY mother,” if you dare ask if there are any nice plans afoot …

So no surprise then that we collectively approach the second Sunday in May cautiously. Is it going to be a lovely day or is it going to be a sad disappointment? Are we going to have to organise our own lovely day, complete with a gift selected and paid for ourselves?

Mother’s Day: BYO gift

It is shocking how many mothers I know who confess that they buy their own Mother’s Day gift. It’s that, they say, or be left victim to the wild panicked (bad) purchasing decisions made by a partner in Bunnings late on a Saturday afternoon.

And this year is just going to be worse than ever – with most retail outlets shut, actual planning will have to be involved to buy a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Online shopping and delivery times factored in. You just know this is going to end badly.

So now’s the time to sort that gift for yourself. And in these budget-conscious locked-down times, we have the perfect gift suggestion – a fresh new tee that tells it like it is. We love a sassy t-shirt at all times, but after weeks and weeks and weeks of being in very close contact with our entire family unit, we think now is the perfect time to slip on a fab new tee with a slogan that does all the talking.

Here are our recent favourites:

1. I homeschooled my kids t-shirt

Homeschool t-shirt - Champagne Cartel

How timely is this little beauty? Perfect for all the poor mothers amongst us who are battling to keep our children educated whilst juggling all the other strange lockdown realities that are pouring down on our heads on the daily. Home-schooling mums, you NEED this tee.

Available from Champagne Cartel

2. Be kind t-shirt

Be Kind t-shirt - Kind Is Cool

Perhaps there are days when you need to wear this as a reminder to yourself, or as a warning to anyone approaching you with complaints or problems. Be kind and the world will be kinder to you. Because sometimes we all need to remember to scatter a little more kindness over the people in our lives. 

Available from Kind Is Cool

3. FFS t-shirt

FFS tshirt - Champagne Cartel

So simple, so understated – and yet, saying everything that needs to be said when you’ve had a gutful of whinging children who paw at you all day complaining that they are hungry, that they are bored, that Jimmy hit them.

Available from Champagne Cartel

4. Tired as a mother t-shirt

Tired as a mother t-shirt - Fairy Season

Yup. Nods head. Only another mother will get this one. You may THINK you’ve had tired days. But then you become a parent, and that tiredness is next level. Sleep debt, anyone? It feels like we’ll owe that sleep bank forever!

Available from Fairy Season

5. Motherhood t-shirt

Motherhood t-shirt - Ellie Ellie

Love, coffee and wine. The holy trinity of motherhood. (Though sometimes not in that order!)

Available from Hard To Find

6. Alexa, feed my kids t-shirt

Alexa t-shirt - PopularTeez

Let’s be honest, there are days when even doing the basics – feeding, watering and clothing the offspring – feels like too much effort. That’s when you really need a nifty device to step in and do the work for you. If only Alexa could cut sandwiches into triangles …

Available from PopularTeez

7. Wash your hands t-shirt

Wash Your Hands t-shirt - Awesome Tshirts

How many times have you said this recently? A hundred times? A thousand times? A million times?! Now you can stop with the nagging and just point to your tee with urgent jabby fingers. So much better.

Available at Awesome Tshirts


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