6 fabulous flats for pregnant women: Who says swollen feet can’t be chic?

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For every pregnancy trial, there’s a silver lining. If you have debilitating nausea, you might also have glossy, shampoo commercial hair. If you sleep all the time, well, what’s the problem with naps anyway? If your feet grow a size or two, that just means it’s shoe shopping time.

Of course, there’s also the ultimate silver lining – the baby – but let’s stop at shoes right now. Even though none of your clothes fit and you think you’ll spend the rest of your life wearing maternity leggings, shoes will never let you down.

Here are our favourite flat shoes chosen for comfort, style, and the ability to get them on without bending over.

Flat shoes Sambag high shine slip onesKnown for its classic, colourful ballet flats, Australian designer Sambag is the master of the flat shoe. With their patent leather and pointy toe, these High Shine Slip-on loafer-style shoes ($180) are a little more dressed up than a ballet flat. They’re great for work, and for slipping off under your desk.

Flat shoes Sol Sana Slides

Sol Sana’s sandals are all about pared back beauty. These simple, tan leather Jasmine Slides ($99.95) are easy to slip on and will take you from chasing your toddler at the playground, to the café where you’ll retire for hot chocolate and cake after he’s been dropped off at daycare.

Flat shoes Jaggar white sneakers FB

What fashion luck you have if you’re pregnant right now, because white sneakers are being paired with everything. Pencil skirts, drop-crotch harem pants, skinny jeans and even ball gowns. Jaggar Footwear’s Apparition Sneakers ($199.96) are classic white leather slip-on sneakers with a twist. Or actually, a knot. No pesky laces here.


Flat shoes Atiana Siouxsie shoesAtiana’s Siouxsie brogue / loafer hybrids  ($330) are made from soft, breathable leather that flexes and moulds to your poor, swollen feet. The wide opening means you can slip them on, and the small, wide heel gives you a tiny bit of height and a lot of stability. The only problem with this shoe is picking a colour. We’re partial to pale periwinkle blue.

Flat shoes Nike sneakers

Sneakers are in, and so are sporty trainers like Nike’s Tennis Ultra Flyknit shoes ($199.95). These break our no laces rule, but you can do them up loosely, or enlist the help of your partner. These shoes will serve you well post-pregnancy when you’re doing all those hours-long settling walks that newborns so love.

Flat shoes Walnut Melbourne loafers

When you’re pregnant, the urge to wear slippers in public can be strong. Walnut Melbourne’s Gracey Suede Loafers ($149.95) feel like slippers, but look like luxury driving shoes. The leather feels beautiful on your bare feet, and the berry colour will give you a little blast of happiness every time you look down at your feet.

We know your feet hurt, but put away the thongs. With shoe options like these, you’re bound to find something that’s just right.


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