Crushed intestines, anyone?! Watch how your organs shift during pregnancy

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Woah! If you thought someone was rearranging the furniture inside your body during pregnancy, you would be 100 percent right!

Baby on board

This amazing animation from Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry illustrates just how much smooshing, bunching up and squishing of internal organs goes on during pregnancy.

It seems those pregnant lady feelings of things being turned completely upside down within are absolutely spot on.

(Hit Play to see just how much remodelling we undergo!)

The video is part awe-inspiring and part alarming, depicting shifting bodies adapting to a little passenger. It’s quite surprising that we’re not even more uncomfortable during those baby-growing months, to be quite frank!

Squishy sandwich

While the focus is often on how our beautiful babies develop and change during pregnancy, this ace clip highlights how mums develop and change, kindly allowing their babies to elbow and knee bits out of the way to ensure there’s plenty of room to grow and thrive.

It’s setting the tone for the accommodating attitude parenthood seems to bring.

No matter that your intestines might be sandwiched between stomach and placenta. Mums are totally up for that in their determined quest to get the baby-making job done right.

Need to summon up a whole baby-feeding organ that’ll nourish and grow with your baby? Placenta-making is no problem for magical mums.

This animation highlights yet again what a super-power this baby-creating thing is and we are reminded of how magnificent mothers are – and why they really do need a back rub every single day of the week.

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