This pro-vaccination poster is challenging anti-vaxxers, but is it helpful?

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A poster in a doctor’s surgery has gone viral across the globe, as people stake their position on vaccination and debate how the message is being delivered.

“Do you say sorry?”

A Facebook user shared a photo of the sign that had apparently just popped up on the wall of her doctor’s surgery.

“New sign at my Dr’s office is throwing some serious shade #vaccinateyourkids,” Sunni Mariah posted. “The original post was written by Northern Rivers Vaccination Association.

Sunni’s update quickly went viral, as social media users passionately discussed the message, ethics and science behind the words. 

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“Not vaccinating your kids leaves them vulnerable to disease their whole lives. When your daughter gets rubella when pregnant, how are you going to explain that you chose to leave her at risk,” the sign reads.

“What will you say when she calls you and tells you she has cervical cancer, because you decided that she wouldn’t need the HPV vaccine?”

“What do you tell your son when he breaks the news to you that he cannot have kids, thanks to the mumps that he got as a teenager? And what do you say when he gives influenza to his grandma? How do you explain that she won’t be coming home from hospital? Not ever.”

“Do you tell them that you didn’t think these diseases were that serious? That you thought your organic, home cooked food was enough to protect them? Do you say sorry?”

New sign at my Dr’s office is throwing some serious shade vaccinateyourkidsEdit: the original poster was written by Northern Rivers Vaccination Association

Posted by Sunni Mariah on Friday, 20 July 2018

Home truths

Sage words indeed, which saw the post shared enthusiastically across Facebook – and debate erupt. 

The importance of vaccination simply cannot be denied – but some got bogged down in the delivery calling it “passive aggressive” and worrying it might exclude families who made the choice not to vaccinate from getting the medical care they needed.

It also proved to be yet another viral opportunity for anti-vaxxers to spread “big Pharma” themed misinformation, but the majority who do vaccinate vocally voiced their support of this life-saving program – and this sign.

This doctor’s intent is to keep children (and adults) safe from preventable diseases – and the science tells us that the very best way to do that is to immunise our kids.

So, is this sign helpful? Yes! As much as antivaxxers and those worried about issues of inclusion think it’s not, I disagree. 

“Not vaccinating your kids leaves them vulnerable to disease their whole lives.” #truth


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