Sweeten up sandwiches, Japanese style, with chocolate slices

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Japan’s chocolatier Bourbon is one-upping the cheese single like never before with – and I kid you not – chocolate slices. I’m not even going to pretend to be appalled by this food phenomenon, for I think it’s genius. No more messy chocolate spread, sticky spoons or knives and, let’s not forget, superior portion control.


Let your imagination wander for a minute and think of the endless possibilities a packet of Bourbon chocolate slices in your fridge may bring. There’s the chocolate sandwich option, that’s a given. But then there’s also melted chocolate on toast or take to slices with a cookie cutter for the easiest cupcake toppers you ever did make. Then there’s my method of choice for all things chocolate – simply straight from the packet to your mouth. The best bit is that these contain a hint of alcohol so you won’t have to share them with the kids.


I’m reasonably confident in saying it’s unlikely we’ll see anything like it in our supermarket dairy cases here in Australia. Though I can’t help but weigh up the options of penning a quick letter of request to the good folk at Ferrero about the possibility of ready-to-unpeel Nutella slices, I feel my kids will support the concept much more than my waistband, elasticated or not.

(via Metro)

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