Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes recipe

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My kids love pancakes, so much so it’s not completely unheard of for them to make appearances on our table outside of breakfast hours.  Buttermilk makes the most gloriously light and fluffy pancakes, perfect for mopping up maple syrup and cream – or yoghurt if you’re that way inclined. Come see how you can make a café worthy brekkie right from your own kitchen!

Truth be told, my kids are more than happy with a couple of pancakes and a mote of maple syrup, but if we have guests I like to up the ante. Serve these fluffy pancakes with sides of fresh fruit, jam, cream, yoghurt and of course – lemon and sugar, and you’re sure to please everyone.



20g butter, melted
1 cup self raising flour
2½ tablespoons caster sugar
¼ teaspoon bicarb soda
¼ teaspoon salt
1 egg
200ml buttermilk
Extras for serving: 300ml cream, strawberries, maple syrup, icing sugar



  • Place the melted butter in a mixing bowl, add the egg and combine using a whisk.


  • Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and whisk together.


  • Still using the whisk, gradually add the milk and beat until smooth and lump free. You may need to add extra buttermilk if the mixture is too thick.


  • Heat a pan over low to medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Pour the mix into the pan to make pancakes of the size you’re after. Once bubbles form on the surface one side, flip them over to cook the other side. Remove from the pan and repeat until all mixture is used.


  • Meanwhile, whip the cream in a clean bowl with a balloon whisk until soft peaks form.


Serve the pancakes warm, topped with cream, maple syrup and fresh fruit and for that extra touch, a rounded teaspoon of icing sugar in a tea diffuser sprinkles a perfect shower of sweetness over the top. Enjoy!


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