5 fun and delicious new ways to serve (and eat) bananas for tots

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Bananas are my toddler’s go-to food. He eats them between meals as a snack and sometimes in place of them too – because he’s a toddler and fussy is his middle name. I don’t really mind though because bananas are so healthy – thank goodness.

Now, if your little one also loves his ‘narna’ as much as mine, here are some fun ways to dress up his favourite fruit.

Banana sushi - Weelicious

1. Banana sushi

It takes five minutes to make this fun banana sushi with your toddler. All you need are some spreads, such as peanut butter, cream cheese or Nutella for the ‘glue’ and some coatings to sprinkle on. You can keep things healthy here with chia seeds and shredded coconut, or you could delve into party territory with 100’s and 1000’s and chocolate chips. 

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Banana and pretzel butterfly - Super Healthy Kids

2. Banana butterfly

Awww! How sweet is this little guy? Just imagine your toddler’s face when he sees him on his plate! You’ll need some apple match sticks for antennas, pretzels for wings and apple skins or raisins for eyes. 

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Banana popsicles - Hello Wonderful

3. Bananas in pyjamas pops

Have fun in the kitchen with your toddler dressing up some frozen bananas in their pjs. Simply dip them in yogurt, roll them in sprinkles or whatever coating takes your fancy, pop a paddle pop stick in them and freeze them until dessert.

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Teddy toast - Mini Eco

4. Banana teddy toast

This is a super fun take on morning toast. Create a teddy bear for your tot using bananas for the ears and nose and sultanas for eyes. Too easy and too cute! 

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one-ingredient banana ice cream - Healthy Food

5. Banana soft serve

You only need one ingredient – the bananas you have going brown in the fruit bowl – to make delicious ice cream your toddler will love. Simply slice them, freeze them and whizz them up in a blender. Then it’s up to you if you want to add flavours. 

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