1. Helping your shy child make friends at preschool

    For a little person who’s best friends are typically called ‘Snuggly’ or ‘Broom Broom’, the first experience at a new daycare centre can be a mix of bewilderment, fear and uncertainty. This behaviour is often interpreted as ‘shyness’, a word that unfortunately carries somewhat negative

  2. Four-year-olds adorably fail the mannequin challenge

    As the latest viral challenge sweeps the globe, a preschool in the US has attempted the impossible – get a room of four-year-olds to stand perfectly still like mannequins. We don’t know what is more hilarious, the epic but totally adorable fail captured on video

  3. Paper plate Santa craft

    When it comes to toddler crafts, paper plates are the craft material that keeps on giving. Who knew you could even make a Santa face out of a paper plate? Cut out all the pieces and let your toddler put Santa together.


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