Double the fun – 9 stylish bunk beds for kids


Bunk beds – they’re a childhood favourite, and a great space-saver – but my-oh-my, they’ve come a long way. These are some of the most amazing and beautiful bunk beds you’re likely to see.


Left-of-centre and ultra stylish are the brilliant bunks from Oliver Hayden. With a touch of whimsy, they’re likely to become heirlooms for those families with enough room to store these beauties!


For minimalism in bunks, train your spotlight onto the Oeuf Perch Bunk Beds. But just because they’re streamlined, doesn’t mean they aren’t versatile. These stunning bunks are available in Australia.

LoLo bunk bed Casa Kids

Versatility and style also come to mind when describing the knock-out LoLo bunks produced by Casa Kids.

House of Orange bunk bed

Modern and sleek, is the only way to describe the bunks from House Of Orange.


Loft beds also have their place in children’s rooms, creating valuable floor space. Designed and made in Milan, Plyroom Loft beds just ooze Mediterranean style.


Plywood is also the material of choice for Rafa Kids F Bunk – they look like a whole lot of fun for children over the age of six.

modern stylish bunk bed

Futuristic and fantastic, IO Kids Design has nailed both briefs in creating the Bunk Pod.

Shanticot convertible bunk cot

If space really is at a premium and your children are but babes, check out the amazing Convertible BunkCot. It plays out a bunch of different configurations suitable for babies to children up to the age of six.


Finally, if the concern of soaring beds has you tossing and turning at night, this low-lying My Place Single Bunk Bed design will give you sweet dreams.


  1. I love my baby jogger city select but would like this pram for when my husband and I want to take our 3 kids out together and they all want to be in prams :)

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  2. What a shame that Lilly & Lolly was not featured in this post – their Scoop Bunk bed is stunning & Australian Made…

    Posted .
  3. You’re right Phoebe, the Scoop Bunk bed is awesome, for readers looking for more bunk bed action, you can see Lilly and Lolly’s here – . ~LK

    Posted .
  4. Love the plyroom loft bunk! So high :)
    We always have the trouble of bumping our heads under my sons bunk.

    Posted .

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