The cardinal sins of school drop off (which most mums commit regularly)

I’m THAT mum at school drop off.  While some parents arrive early, in good moods and looking flawless, I’m usually late, chugging coffee and looking like I was hit by a bus in my sleep. It’s not the best way to start the day. And it sometimes feels like I am being judged for being the world’s most disorganised mum.

But here’s the good thing about being a ‘morning mess mum’ – I am an expert on what not to do at school drop off. So, parents, in honour of the glorious two weeks of school holidays ahead, here are the unspoken sins of school drop off that we all know and commit regularly.

nice and easy colour blend sl

Failing to stop, drop and not park.

The stop and drop section is for stopping and dropping. Not socialising. Not small talking. Not Facebooking. Don’t even put the car into park. Just keep driving.

Forgetting an umbrella.

It will rain. It always does. The soggy mum and kid combo is not a good one. There will be tears.

Arriving late, especially on excursion days.

There is no dignity in chasing the bus down the road, dragging your child behind you, screaming for them to stop so you don’t have to miss even more work to drive your child to the venue.

nice and easy colour blend 3 sl

Showing your high levels of disorganisation after exiting the car.

Brush your hair, put shoes on, sign permission forms, fix shirt collars and pack a backpack within the confines of your own car. We even had breakfast in there once. But once you open the door, it’s time to fake it.

Not knowing about every single school event.

Oh, the kids have an assembly this morning? Yes, yes, I knew that. Sure, I know all about the cake stall. And the athletics carnival. And the parent teacher interviews. And the sausage sizzle.

Smile. Nod. Lie.

Showing up in pyjamas with no make-up and grey hair.

Some people embrace the silver fox look, but it’s never been a good look for me. Let’s face it, there are so many grey moments in parenting that I don’t need any more grey in my life. And having a good hair colour covers over plenty of other hair sins (like never blowdrying, and not getting regular trims). But I have 14 glorious days of holidays ahead and I’m not wasting even one of them sitting in a hairdresser all day.

That’s why Nice’n’Easy Colour Blend is a great option. With 42 (!!) natural shades and 100 per cent grey coverage, you can easily apply at home, and since there are at least three tones in each palette it has the dimensions of natural, uncoloured hair (but nicer than mine!). Nice‘n’Easy Colour Blend lets you achieve authentic natural-looking colour at home, as well as covering up the greys, and is one of the most trusted and recommended hair dyes on the market.

At least when I don’t make it out of my pyjamas, I still know my hair looks great.

*Before colouring your hair at home, make sure you test the dye on a small patch of your skin, in case of irritation.

(This is a sponsored post for Nice’n’Easy)

Jenna Gallina

Jenna Gallina

Jenna Gallina is our features writer and loves showcasing all sides of parenting. When she is not watching Disney/Pixar movies, running around the park with her kids or dreaming about Jon Snow, she is drinking coffee or wine and planning her next adventure. Born and raised in Canada, she now lives in Cairns with her adorable children, her ridiculously good looking partner, her naughty dog and a really strange cat who thinks he's a dog.

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