“I died all by myself”: Has your kid spooked you with a story of a past life?

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The other day my four-year-old asked me, “Hey Mummy, do you remember when we were babies and you were the same size as me and Granny was our Mummy?”

I was floored.

“What?” I asked him, but by then he had found a train and was more interested in driving it on the track than answering my probing questions.

Then I remembered his brother had also asked me something similar a few years earlier, which I confess I’d dismissed as just kid-nonsense at the time.

He had asked me if I recalled HIM being MY mummy.

Yep. Spooky stuff.

Here’s some other creepy things kids have said in a Bored Panda thread which is making me not only believe in the concept of past lives, but also that little ones might actually remember these. Before they grow up and forget, like the rest of us.

You don’t have a brother – or did you?

“Walking past an old cemetery, my (then) three-year-old son casually said, ‘My brother is in there,'” shared one commentator.

“When I reminded him that he didn’t have a brother, he said, ‘No, Mama … from before. When the other lady was my mommy.'”

Oh, that OTHER Mummy. Of course.

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Potato life

Another user shared this sweet but spooky story.

“When my son was small, I was talking to him about growing potatoes. I described how you bank up the earth around them as they grow, and he said ‘I used to do that when I was an old man.'”

Yep, growing potatoes is like riding a bike, Mum. You never forget.

“I died all by myself!”

Little ones love to celebrate their budding independence, but this story will make your skin crawl:

“When my youngest daughter was about three we were just talking and she said, ‘I died all by myself,’ shared one woman who asked her daughter what on earth she was talking about.

“She said, “Not when you was my Mommy, when I lived with my old Mommy. She had brown skin and so did I. The spider bit me and I died all by myself!'”

Apparently the girl, now aged 13 is “deathly afraid of spiders”.

I mean, we understand.

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Matter of fact

The thing these past lives stories have in common with the ones my kids told me, is that all the children appear to have spoken about them like it was nothing. Like it’s just a memory.

Here’s an example:

“Getting my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter out of the bath one night, my wife and I were briefing her on how important it was she kept her privates clean. She casually replied, ‘Oh, nobody ‘scroofs’ me there. They tried one night. They kicked the door in and tried but I fought back. I died and now I’m here.’ She said this like it was nothing …”

And another …

My five-year-old asked me when he is going to be 23 – I told him in 18 years – he replied, ‘Well, I hope I don’t die again – cause that’s how old I was the last time I went to heaven.'”


Why hai, Granny!

If past lives are even real, then it’s nice to think our loved ones may still live on.

“My sister, Hailey, was born exactly two months after our great-grandmother died,” shared one person.

“One day Hailey woke up and informed us it was her 95th birthday. When we tried to reason with her, she started crying, saying that her real name was Irene (my granny’s name), not Hailey. This lasted all day, and the next day she didn’t remember anything.”



This post was originally published 28 January 2020


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